Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Used Anywhere? Full Guide!

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An Amazon gift card is a pre-paid tool that can be redeemed on certain purchases, mainly on Amazon products and services. These cards have become the go-to option for a quick Christmas or birthday present. While you can shop for plenty of things with an Amazon gift card, you might want to consider your options.

Amazon gift cards can’t be used everywhere as most websites and vendors don’t accept this form of payment. These gift cards are used primarily on Amazon products and Amazon services, like Prime Video, Amazon Fresh, and Kindle. 

While Amazon gift cards are best suited for purchasing Amazon products, there are a few alternative ways to use them. In this article, I’ll discuss the most common ways to spend an Amazon gift card, so keep reading until the end to learn how to best utilize yours.

Where To Use Amazon Gift Cards?

Most people assume that Amazon gift cards are primarily for purchasing products on Amazon’s vendor website. However, there’s more than one way to spend the points on your Amazon gift card. 

1. Prime Video  

You can use Amazon gift cards to pay for your Prime video subscription, considering Prime video is one of Amazon’s top services. Of course, you need to keep track of your gift card balance because once it runs out, you will be charged directly to your credit card.

I’ve written a detailed post on this topic where I guide you step-by-step what you need to do. Check out my other article by clicking on this link!

2. Kindle Books 

Using an Amazon gift card for Kindle can be tricky because while you can use the card balance to buy books, you may want to avoid subscriptions like Kindle Unlimited. The reason is that these subscriptions will run out as soon as your card balance reaches zero. 

However, if you’re a bookworm and have your Kindle, an Amazon card is the perfect gift and will allow you to purchase any of your favorite e-books.

3. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service you can avail yourself of with your gift card. They provide everyday essentials that you can have delivered to your doorstep. And if you order above a certain amount, your delivery is free!

You can also use the gift card on Amazon Whole Foods Market, which caters to a more niche crowd looking for organic products. Both these services are different, and you will have to make separate entries for each with your gift card. This means you can’t club them together and order extra for free delivery.

4. Physical Stores 

Amazon has been setting up physical stores in various locations worldwide, where customers can pick up food, products, and even apparel by swiping their cards. While the stores are limited, the process of buying and swiping your card is a lot quicker. 

These make for the most straightforward way to use an Amazon gift card, as all these purchases are made on Amazon websites or retailers. You can also use the Amazon gift card to stream certain movies and shows on Prime video, which are typically unavailable on the website.

Alternative Ways To Use Amazon Gift Cards

As you can see, Amazon gift cards work best when used on Amazon’s affiliate businesses and websites. The process of using these gift cards on Amazon is also relatively straightforward and only requires you to have the necessary information to process the payment.

However, most people receive one of these gift cards on their birthdays or other special occasions, and they can’t seem to find what they’re looking for on Amazon or any of the vendors mentioned above.

So if you don’t particularly want to spend your gift card on Amazon products, here are a few alternative ways to use your card.

1. Sell Your Gift Card Online 

Some websites provide a platform for you to sell your gift card to other people looking to make Amazon purchases at a discounted price. Most of these websites allow you to list your gift card at a discounted price for buyers, so you may not get the entire amount on the card.

However, if you aren’t using the card anyway, you can make some money off it by putting it up for sale. Some of the best websites to sell your Amazon gift card include:

  • Gameflip: This website offers the largest collections of gift cards imaginable and gives sellers a fair price in exchange for their card value.
  • Gift Card Granny: Here, you’ll find gift cards from several companies providing cashback offers.
  • Oodle: Not a website mainly for gift cards, but you can upload your sale here to expand your search for buyers.

You can also sell your Amazon gift card on eBay or websites like Craigslist, where people buy and sell various products. The advantage of using these websites is that you can set the price for your card.

You can also sell your gift cards on Facebook by advertising them through Facebook marketing to reach a broad audience. You can also get onto subreddits like r/giftcardexchange, where you’ll find plenty of info on who’s looking for Amazon gift cards.

2. Get Bitcoins

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a popular payment method on plenty of websites today. The reliability of cryptocurrency, coupled with the platforms that accept this payment method, will give you plenty more options than any Amazon gift card could. 

Fortunately, there are a few websites that offer a platform to trade bitcoins for Amazon gift cards. Sites like Paxful and Purse allow sellers to upload their card details and the rate at which they’re willing to change the card for bitcoins. You’re sure to find several bitcoin owners ready to make the trade, considering your card will be offered at a discounted price.

From here, you can transfer your bitcoins to a digital wallet or use them to purchase other products online, as cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming an accepted mode of payment across different platforms.

3. Get Money on Google Play 

While Amazon gift cards aren’t usable on most platforms, Google Play credits can be used to make purchases on several websites and services. Thankfully, you can purchase a Google Play gift card using the money on your Amazon gift card and then use the new gift card to buy what you’re looking for.

For example, you can’t get a YouTube subscription with your Amazon gift card. However, you can get one using Google play credits. You can also buy several other apps or services on Google Play Store with a Google Play gift card.

So if you can’t find something you like on Amazon, you can always purchase a Google Play gift card using the Amazon credits and then buy something you want on the platform.

4. Pay for Netflix 

Getting a Netflix subscription with an Amazon gift card is another effective way to cut back on your monthly expenses. Fortunately, while you can’t directly pay for Netflix subscriptions with an Amazon card, you can buy a Netflix gift card and use it to pay for the subscription.

So, if you have a gift card, using it this way will help you save some money on your monthly subscription fees.

5. Use Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace is a platform connecting buyers and sellers on the social network, making it easier to bargain and sell directly to an interested buyer. The only difference here is that the buyer may not be a trusted source, so you’ll have to do your due diligence before settling on a deal.

However, the advantage of using Facebook is that you can find interested people in your city or area and meet them in person to make the transaction.

Websites That Accept Amazon Gift Cards   

I’ve already discussed how Amazon gift cards are commonly used and a few ways you can exchange them for money to make purchases of your choice. Now let’s look at some websites that directly accept Amazon gift cards as legit forms of payment.

1. Adam and Eve Stores

Adam and Eve is a website selling sexual paraphernalia, like adult toys, lingerie, and other explicit products. While most of the world shuns these kinds of products, they are legal in many states and can often be bought in brick-and-mortar stores.

Fortunately for all the experimenters reading this article, Adam and Eve accept Amazon gift cards in exchange for their products, so you can stop worrying about how to get rid of the card and spend it here instead.

2. 1800 Pet Supplies 

This website is your one-stop shop for all things pet related. And I’m not just talking about dogs and cats, but birds, rabbits, fish, and ferrets! This website offers plenty of pet products, some of which you probably won’t find in the pet stores near your house.

Their selection includes:

  • Collars and leashes
  • Food items
  • Lotions and oils 
  • Supplements 
  • Beds and crates
  • Toys 

1800 Pet Supplies also provides offers on certain products, like year-round tick protection packages and monthly supplements that can be subscribed to. And if you have a furry friend at home and an unused Amazon gift card, this is probably one of the best places to spend your card credits.

3. 686 provides a wide range of clothing options for men and women, with some of the freshest designs you’ve probably come across. Their focus tends to revolve around all-purpose clothing that can be used for outdoor activities and still looks presentable at family dinners.

Aside from its wide selection of clothes, this website also provides various kinds of apparel and accessories. Some of these include caps, bags, face masks, and pillows.

Their products are priced slightly higher than average clothing, but the quality and design are worth the investment. And if you have enough points on your gift card, getting one of these products for points is definitely a steal.

4. Allurez 

For those of you about to tie the knot (or considering it), Allurez is a great website to explore the many products involved in a wedding. They have a fine selection of jewelry and wedding dresses to choose from, and an Amazon gift card can help significantly lower the costs involved in your special day.

Additionally, this website also provides services for custom engagement rings, and if you have a specific design in mind, they can help you bring it to life, adding a personal touch to your wedding.

5. Car Parts

While it may seem strange to purchase car parts with an Amazon gift card, you might as well use it this way and reduce your monthly expenses. Car Parts doesn’t sell anything too specific, so you’ll have to browse their website and see if their products suit your vehicle before you settle on anything.

However, they offer various car parts, including tiny scraps, like replacement headlight covers, which you won’t find in most other online stores.

6. Bodybuilding 

Bodybuilding is a website that pertains to all things fitness. They offer a range of protein shakes and other health-related consumables for those looking to supplement their workout with proper nutrition. Moreover, you’ll find a range of products depending on your specific fitness goals.

This website also offers various workout programs for those looking to get started on their fitness journey. These include weight management programs, body-building sessions, and bodyweight training programs.

Fortunately, you can purchase any of their products and programs using an Amazon gift card.

7. Beach Camera

Beach camera provides a range of gadgets, including home and professional equipment, that you can buy using your Amazon gift card. Their products include:

  • Television Sets: This includes soundbars, projectors, and home theater systems.
  • Photography Equipment: Digital cameras, lenses, drones, and various professional and recreational cameras can be found here. 
  • Computers: These include laptops and monitors, and you can even find specialized equipment like gaming laptops here.
  • Audio Equipment: Headphones, speakers, microphones, and audio systems are a few of the many accessories they offer on their website.
  • Health and Wellness: You can purchase heart-rate monitors, humidifiers, massage equipment, and heating pads.
  • Fitness: Beach Camera offers a range of fitness equipment, including calorie trackers and exercise machines.

Fortunately, you can purchase all of these products and more on their website using your Amazon Gift Card.

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