Can You Use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Video? [Here’s How!]

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Prime Video allows paid subscriptions, and you can use your PayPal, credit, Visa, or MasterCard to pay. But what if you only have Amazon gift cards? Can you still make a purchase?

You can use your Amazon gift card to buy Prime Video. It allows you to purchase or rent videos by entering the card code. The cards are valid even when you don’t want to sign up for Prime Video. You can even buy the membership if you have enough credits on your gift card. 

It is important to know that Prime Video is not the same as Amazon Prime. Therefore, you will need a separate subscription for unlimited access. The article explains how you can get Amazon gift cards and use them for Prime Video.

How To Use Amazon Gift Card for Prime Video

Using an Amazon gift card for Prime Video is very easy. You only have to follow a few steps. You will get the option to use the card during the Prime Video sign-up process.

Here is how you can redeem the Amazon gift card for Prime Video:

Step 1 – Add the Video to the Cart

Go to Prime Video to make the purchase. Open the specific video and click on “Add to cart”. The video will get added to the cart. You can then proceed with the next steps to purchase the video.

Step 2 – Add the Address

Now, choose the shipping address for the video. You may have to go through this step even when you are perhaps making a digital purchase.

Step 3 – Use Your Amazon Gift Card at the Checkout

In this next step, you will be asked to choose your payment method. Here, instead of choosing your standard credit or debit card, choose the gift card option.

Locate the space to enter the gift card code and add the code to your gift card to redeem it. Then, click on “Apply”.

This will use the balance on the gift card to fund the purchase.

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Remember, your card must have enough balance to cover the cost of the membership or the purchase you want to make.

How Can I Get Amazon Gift Cards?

You can get Amazon gift cards from different platforms. However, buying or winning them from Amazon is the only authentic and risk-free way.

Here are a few other ways to secure an Amazon gift card:

As Gifts

You can get an Amazon gift card as a gift from someone. The card will work fine if it has balance and the person got it from an authentic platform. You can redeem these cards or add them to your account. If you’re lucky enough to get an Amazon gift card from a loved one, you can use it for almost anything on the platform.

Online Surveys

Many online surveys offer users money or gift cards as rewards, including Amazon gift cards. You only need to take the survey and get the bonus. However, you must only use authentic websites for surveys because these surveys are also an excellent way to steal your information.

Become a Loyal Amazon Customer 

Amazon also rewards you for being its loyal customer. You can use the online retailer’s different platforms to earn gift cards or credits. Here are a few ways to get them:

Get Shopping Rewards

Many shopping websites offer Amazon gift cards as rewards to their customers. However, this is a third-party platform, so Amazon will not be responsible for fraudulent cards.

So, you must be careful. The website is probably a scam if it asks for your personal information in exchange for gift cards. 

Purchase the Card

You can buy the card from Amazon if you cannot find one for free. You can either send it as a gift to someone or redeem it yourself. It is the most common way of getting a gift card. You can, later, win bonuses and rewards as credits to add to your gift card.

Amazon Trade-In

Trade-in is an Amazon program that can give you free gift cards. To benefit from this, you must trade the items you don’t want in exchange for the cards. However, the trade-in program is not for all products, so you can only trade the ones that qualify for the exchange.

How Does Amazon Trade-In Work?

Amazon trade-in is a simple program. Your product must meet a few requirements to qualify for a trade-in. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, you must pass the condition check. You can see the requirements on the Condition Criteria Page.
  2. You get a free gift card if the condition is up to the mark. 
  3. Next, share your shipping details and get your product ready.
  4. The last stage is shipping, but you must ship the product on the date Amazon specifies on the submission form. 
  5. Amazon takes a couple of days to let you know if they will accept your item or not. The program is only available if you live in the US. 

You get your item back, or Amazon will give you a lower credit amount if the condition is not as good as expected.

Amazon Gift Card Formats

You can get the gift cards in several ways:

  • Paper print: You can print your card on paper. You must find the card in your Orders, or you can locate the link in the email that notifies you about your card. From there, you can print the PDF file and keep the card. You can gift this card to someone else or redeem it yourself.
  • eCard: As the name suggests, eCard is the digital version – the softcopy. Most people prefer to keep a digital card. 
  • Regular Post: You can go old school and request Amazon to deliver the card to your address. 

No matter how you keep your card, to use it, you must redeem it online to purchase any Prime Video.

You can buy all three types of gift cards from Amazon. Follow the instructions below to buy yours:

  1. You must select the Gift Cards option and choose the type of card you wish to purchase.
  2. Next, enter the amount you want in gift card credits. 
  3. Finally, add the card to the shopping cart and hit Checkout. 

Once you complete the payment form, you can continue placing your order. 

Let’s see how you can add cash to your gift card:

How To Add Cash to Amazon Gift Card

I mentioned earlier that you must have enough balance in your Amazon gift card to purchase Prime videos. But how does one add balance to your Amazon gift card?

Here’s how you can add credit:

  1. First, you must go to any store that deals with Amazon gift cards.
  2. Next, access the barcode you have available on Amazon Cash. You can simply login to your Amazon Cash account, scroll down and click on the “Get Your Barcode” option. Here, you will see the option, View Your Barcode. You can also bring a printout of your barcode to the store. 
  3. The cashier will see your barcode. You can also give them the Amazon verified contact number.
  4. Lastly, you must pay the cashier, who will take the money and add the same amount to your gift card.

Reload Your Amazon Gift Card Automatically

After you spend the gift card credits, you can reload them by visiting the Reload Your Balance page. You can also reload the card automatically by going to Auto Reload Settings. You can set a limit for the minimum balance on your card before Amazon automatically reloads your card. 

It usually takes five minutes to four hours to reload your card. 

You can also unselect gift cards as your default payment for Prime Video if you don’t wish to use the card. For this purpose, you have to uncheck the option to use gift cards for payments when you reach the checkout page.

Amazon gift cards are pretty useful. You can use them to purchase or rent items from Prime Video. There are different ways to win these cards for free. However, you must beware of scam platforms – there are many out there. It is always best to use Amazon’s official platform for gift cards.

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