Can You Use Amazon Gift Card on Woot? Here’s What To Know!

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I love to use for finding great deals and offers! I’ve been using Woot for several years now. And, while Woot is part of the Amazon ecosystem, one thing that I’ve often struggled to understand is whether Amazon gift cards can be used on Woot?

Amazon gift cards cannot be used on Woot. Woot does not accept Amazon gift cards as a form of payment. However, if you are an Amazon member, you can use your default payment methods from your Amazon account for payment on Woot by logging into Woot using your Amazon login details.

Let us learn more about this topic so you are better informed of what you can and cannot with you Amazon account when shopping on Woot.

So, let’s get started!

Is Woot an Amazon Company?

Woot is an independent subsidiary of Amazon. It was started in 2004 as a deals site but was later bought by Amazon in 2010 for $110 million (source). Woot has since started several spin-off sites with a similar business model. Some of them have been shut, while most continue to exist providing other retail-related services.

In simple terms, Woot is part of the Amazon ecosystem. 

Does Woot Accept Amazon Gift Card Balance?

Woot doesn’t accept Amazon gift card or your gift card balance as a mode of payment on its platform. However, it does provide specific benefits for Amazon users such as Amazon payments, and prime member benefits. 

We shall talk about these benefits in further detail in the subsequent sections. 

Why Do Amazon Gift Cards Not Work on Woot?

This part of the equation has puzzled me the most over the years. If you think about it, Amazon acquired Woot and they have the Amazon payments and Amazon login integrated with their system!

Then, why is it that the Amazon gift cards don’t work with Woot?

I learned the answer to this question from one of Woot’s staff members. While Woot is a subsidiary of Amazon, it is an independent subsidiary. Meaning, several processes including the financials are separated between the two companies by a brick wall. 

Since Amazon gift cards are specific to Amazon, and using the gift card funds would mean actual transfer to money from Amazon to Woot, it just creates a legal nightmare. Moreover, gift cards are governed by several laws.

This response also means that the Amazon gift card will possibly not be accepted as a mode of payment on Woot even in the future.

As counter-intuitive and bizarre this may sound, the fact is that gift cards don’t work like prepaid cards and there is a not only a distinction but also a significant difference around the rules for these two types of cards. 

For this reason, you can perhaps use a VISA prepaid card on Woot funded by your Amazon account, but you can’t use the Amazon gift card balance!

What Other Payment Options Do You Get on Woot?

The most common mode of payment accepted at Woot are debit, credit or pre-paid cards. You can pay for your orders using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. If you are an Amazon user, your can use your Amazon Pay details directly on Woot. 

What All Benefits Do You Get as an Amazon Member on Woot?

Okay, I’ve teased this enough already. Let’s understand all the benefits you get being an Amazon user when buying products on Woot.

There are primarily two major benefits that you get i.e. Amazon Login and Pay, and and Free Shipping benefit. Let’s understand both these benefits in further detail – 

Amazon Login and Pay

In a nutshell, using Amazon Pay enables you to create an account on Woot! and complete your checkout process without having to enter your shipping address or payment information.

You can easily connect your Amazon account if you currently have a Woot! account. After that, you will have access to all of your stored shipping and payment options on Amazon, allowing you to check out on Woot! more quickly.

Your payment details also remain secure and confidential as you don’t have to enter the payment details on one more website!

Furthermore, when using Amazon Pay on Woot, you also benefit from Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee! (more on that later)

Here are a few other questions that you may have about using Amazon Pay on Woot:

1. How to Use Amazon Pay on Woot?

Using Amazon Login and Pay on Woot is quite easy.

To use the Login and Pay with Amazon feature on Woot, simply proceed to the sign-in or sign-up page and select the option of “Login with Amazon.” Subsequently, you will be prompted to enter your Amazon login credentials for verification purposes.

Next, select your payment method and shipping address from the Amazon Payments section. If you one-click enabled, all the details will be auto-populated for you. Simply confirm the payment. That’s it!

2. Do You Need a Separate Amazon Pay Account?

You don’t need a separate Amazon Pay account. You can use the same login and password that you use on to use Amazon Payments on Woot.  If you only have an Amazon account and don’t already have an Amazon Payments account, Amazon will seamlessly create one for you!

3. Can You Track Amazon Pay Transactions Made on Woot?

You can track the transactions made on Woot not just on the Woot platform but also on your Amazon Pay account. Essentially, you will receive two notifications for the same transaction; one from Woot and the other from Amazon Pay.

You can track your transactions in the “Your Account” section of after you log in with your Amazon credentials. On the “Your Account” page, you can see a list of past orders made using Amazon Payments.

If you want to track your orders via Woot, just sign into via the “Login with Amazon” button and click on the “Stuff You Bought” from the top right of any page. Here, you’ll see all your past purchases on Woot. 

All orders purchased using Amazon Payments will be marked separately and only the shipping address will appear on the “Order Details” page for that order for such orders

4. Can You Use Amazon Pay for All Products on Woot?

Unfortunately, no! Purchases made on wine.woot are not presently supported by Amazon Payments.

If you use Login and Pay with Amazon on Woot and you have items from wine.woot in your cart, Woot will automatically default to your Woot shipping and payment settings on the Order Review page.

However, if you’ve never entered shipping and payment settings on Woot and have only used Amazon Payments, then you will be redirected to a page where you can enter in shipping and payment information.

What’s interesting is that if you remove all wine.woot items from your cart, you can continue using Amazon Payments to check out with the rest of your items!

Free Shipping for Prime Members

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will receive free Standard shipping on Woot orders. You will also receive free express shipping on all Shirt.Woot orders. 

However, do note that express shipping usually takes 2-3 business days once the item is printed. Furthermore, production times can vary based on seasonality. It is best to check the shirt.woot offer details page in order to get the best estimates for the delivery dates of the order.

To use the free shipping and express shipping options, just make sure to login using your Amazon account.

Amazon’s A-to-Z Payments Guarantee

An additional benefit to Amazon users is that products purchased on Woot using Amazon Pay come with Amazon’s A-to-Z payments guarantee. Wondering what that is?

Amazon’s A-to-Z payment guarantee essentially guarantees the condition and timely payment of your qualified purchases. According to Amazon, if you don’t get what you pay for, you’ll have the opportunity to receive full reimbursement or to cancel your authorized payment on eligible physical goods.

That said, not all products on Woot are covered under this guarantee. Certain sporting goods, such as knives and other weapons, are not included in this guarantee.

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