Kindle Not Charging? Here’s Why and What You Need to Do!

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Amazon Kindles make reading on the go much more convenient. Yet a common issue that users experience is their Kindle mysteriously not charging. A fully-stocked Kindle is useless if it’s out of battery. But don’t throw your Kindle away—there’s a good chance that there’s an easy way to fix this problem!

A Kindle may not be charging because you’re using a defective charger or the Kindle’s charging dock has become damaged or dirty. It may be as simple as not correctly connecting the Kindle to a power source. 

There are other possible reasons your Kindle may not be charging, but nearly all of them are solvable. You will find the solution to these issues—and more in my article below. Let’s dive in!

1. You Need To Restart Your Kindle

Sometimes, the fix is as simple as a restart.

Like any electronic device, heavy use of a Kindle can stress its operating system and cause it to freeze over time. Since this only takes a moment, you might as well check and see if restarting your Kindle solves the issue.

How To Fix

To restart your Kindle:

  1. Disconnect your device from the charger.
  2. Hold the power button for at least 40 seconds.
  3. Let it turn back on.
  4. Plug the device back into the charger.

If your Kindle doesn’t start, you’ll want to look at the charger itself.

2. Your Kindle Charger or Cable Is Defective or Broken

Check your Kindle’s charging cable or block if restarting your Kindle doesn’t work. Ever since charging cables became a regular part of our lives, they’ve been prone to fraying, breaking, and becoming otherwise nonfunctional.

You may have been using a charging cable for so long that you’ve hardly noticed the wear-and-tear of time. But if your Kindle is suddenly not charging, your cord may have finally stopped working.

How To Fix

Look at the cord, especially near the connection points, and see if there is any exposed wiring or breakages. If you determine your Kindle charger isn’t working, you’re lucky because this is an easy, cheap fix. It’s time to buy a new charger.

Amazon brand chargers will work best for the company’s Kindle. This Fotbor Kindle Fire Fast Charger (from Amazon) plugs into a wall or computer and is high-quality enough to last several years.

3. Kindle Not Connected To Power

Could you have forgotten to plug your charger into a power source, such as a wall outlet or a laptop? Or maybe you did plug it in, but the USB port neglected to push it in securely, or the charger fell out of the Kindle’s charging port.

How To Fix

This issue is the easiest fix—check all your connections to see if you’ve plugged all the wires in securely. Unplug the charger and plug it back in for good measure; more often than not, this simple action will get your Kindle charging up again!

4. Check for Dust in the Charging Dock

If you often find yourself tucking your Kindle into a computer bag or small space, your charging dock may have become dusty. Too much dust in the charging port will not only stop your Kindle from charging, but it can also permanently damage your dock.

How To Fix

It may be enough to blow as hard as you can into the charging port–that may shake all the dust inside loose and fix the problem for the time being.

If you have canned air (also called compressed air), you can also use this to clear out the port. That will clear out the dock of all dust and make it stay that way for some time. The iDuster Electronics Compressed Air Duster is one Amazon option for those who often find themselves with dust in their electronics.

5. Port Has Become Loose or Damaged

Sometimes, after owning an electronic device with a USB charger for several years, the port can become loose or, otherwise, internally damaged.

This damage can happen for several reasons, from dust in the port to damaging the charger by plugging it in at an awkward angle. The easiest way to tell that your port has become damaged is if the Kindle will charge when the plug is at different angles, such as when you tilt it one way or another. 

How To Fix

Unfortunately, this problem is difficult to fix. Amazon does not offer this type of Kindle repair service, and few third-party retailers do, either.

Amazon offers a twelve-month warranty on Kindle products and will replace a Kindle with a damaged charging port within that time.

If your warranty has expired, you can use masking tape to keep the charger in place when you leave the Kindle to charge. Once this becomes difficult to do, it may be time for a new Kindle.

6. Temperature Too Hot or Cold

Believe it or not, one possible reason your Kindle won’t charge is the temperature of the environment you’re charging it in. 

Just like a cell phone or a laptop, Kindles will reduce functioning or even shut down in extreme heat or cold to protect their circuitry. Charging it could be hazardous to its durability.

How To Fix

It is best to avoid charging your Kindle in extremely hot or cold temperatures. 

Remove the device from the charger if you plug your Kindle in and later realize that the room is too hot. It’s best to wait until the Kindle cools down (or warms up), then plug it back in. Move to another room if necessary.

7. Wall Outlet Faulty, Not Working

A faulty outlet is another tricky reason the Kindle may not work. If you are stumped because your Kindle isn’t charging, it may have nothing to do with the Kindle or its charger, but the issue is with the electric outlet you have chosen to charge your device.

How To Fix

To test whether your wall outlet isn’t working, you have to plug the Kindle into another wall outlet or possibly your laptop or desktop computer. There are ways to check that your outlet is faulty with probes and other electrical instruments. But to get your Kindle to charge, you must discover if it’s broken.

8. Faulty or Damaged Battery

Some Kindle users have reported that their Kindle battery stopped holding a charge or charging after a few years of use. They can also experience permanent heat and water damage.

How To Fix

Amazon’s year-long warranty will likely cover a damaged battery, and they will probably replace your Kindle.

You can also buy a battery compatible with your Kindle and replace it yourself. It’s not as complicated as you think–you don’t need specialized tools other than a knife or a screwdriver.

This video demonstrates how to replace a damaged Kindle battery:

9. Use a “Made for Amazon” Charger (Wireless Chargers)

Kinder readers that own a Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition may own a wireless charger. This feature presents a new obstacle for users who want to charge wirelessly and are having issues.

Wireless chargers are more complex than plug-in ones in general, but not all of them are created equal. In general, the ones that are made for and by Amazon are the way to go for Amazon-made products.

How To Fix

If your wireless charger isn’t working, one of the first things that Amazon’s Help & Customer Service website recommends is to ensure that you get a Kindle charger that is “Made for Amazon.” This page will check to see that your charger is compatible.

If you need a compatible dock, try this Made for Amazon Wireless Charging Dock.

10. Place Kindle in Center of Charger (Wireless Chargers).

If you have the correct wireless charger and are still having trouble getting it to work, its positioning might be an issue. It’s best to place your Kindle in the center of the dock to receive a charge.

How To Fix

Remove the Kindle from the station, then replace it. Make sure it’s in portrait mode, and place it in the very middle of the dock. Try this a few times to get a feel for where the Kindle should go. Even if you think you’re putting it in the center, you might be off by a few millimeters.

11. Make Sure Kindle Cover Is Not in the Way (Wireless Chargers)

One last common trouble with wireless chargers: often, protective covers will get in the way of them. Cover flaps, or the cover itself, can be too thick for a wireless charger to work, especially if you have a high-quality one.

How To Fix

To check if your Kindle cover is in the way, you must take it off and then replace it on your wireless charger. Then see if the Kindle finally begins to charge.

If any of these fixes don’t do the trick, it may be time to give Amazon Customer Service a call. They will let you know if you are eligible for a replacement Kindle. If you need to buy a new one, check out how to use an Amazon gift card on a Kindle with our complete guide.

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