Amazon Gift Card Limits [Everything You Need to Know!]

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Amazon gift cards are a great way to shop especially if you want to purchase products on Amazon! Amazon gift cards certainly have some great benefits such as the balance never expires, and there are no taxes charged on the card!

However, there are certain limitations in place. For instance, there is a limit to the amount that can be added as the gift card balance! Understanding these limits can help ensure a smooth shopping experience. 

According to, business accounts are limited to purchasing up to $10,000 in gift cards in a single day. Individual transactions are limited to between $5 and $500, and purchases of over $200 may experience problems at the register. Amazon e-gift cards can be sent for up to $2000, but buying gift cards from third-party sites is not recommended.

In this article, we will break down the various limits on Amazon gift cards, including the maximum purchase amount, the maximum balance on a single card, and the daily purchasing limit.

So, let’s get started!

Maximum Amount for a New Gift Card

It used to be that Amazon would usually limit the amount on a purchase of a new gift card to $500. However, this limit has since changed. 

The maximum amount for a new Amazon gift card is $2000. You can buy a new gift card for any amount between $5 to $2000. You can also add any amount between $5 to $2000 on an existing Amazon Gift card in a single Amazon Cash transaction.

Furthermore, the maximum amount for a new gift card doesn’t depend on the type of gift card that you are planning to purchase. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you buy a print-at-home gift card, physical gift card, or email an e-gift card from Amazon, the limit for the maximum amount remains the same at $2000.

Maximum Amount Limit For Gift Card Balance Reload 

If you already have an existing Amazon gift card, you don’t need to purchase a new one. Instead, you can simply reload the balance on the gift card using Amazon Cash. 

The maximum amount you can reload your Amazon Gift card is $2000. You can reload your gift card for any amount between $1 and $2000, however, the value has to be a round figure.

One trick that you can use if you want to have a balance of over $2000 on your gift card is to buy a new gift card for the maximum allowed amount of $2000. Then, reload your gift card balance with another $2000!

Another thing that can be done is to purchase multiple gift cards of different denominations. While there is a limit on the maximum amount that can be added to a single gift card, you can purchase multiple gift cards of different denominations associated with a single account.

Redeeming multiple gift cards to the same Amazon account will add to your gift card balance.

However, there are certain unofficial limitations for the maximum amount you can have on your gift card. The US government has put restrictions on the amount of gift cards an individual can purchase in order to prevent money laundering and terrorism activities.

As a result, even having a high gift card balance can flag your account for suspicious activity. Thus, just be a bit cautious when trying to purchase high-ticket items on Amazon using your gift card.

Is There a Limit on the Number of Amazon Gift Cards You Can Buy?

The next obvious question that you may have is if there is a limit on the number of gift cards that you can buy on Amazon.

Amazon allows you to purchase up to $10,000 in gift cards in a single day if you have a business account. However, there is no official limit specified for individual users.

If you are a business and plan to give Amazon gift cards as incentives or rewards as part of your recognition program, Amazon allows you to purchase up to 400 gift cards on a single order. Additionally, the total amount of all the gift cards for a single account can not exceed $10,000 in one day.

While there are no official limitations communicated by Amazon on the number of gift cards purchased by individuals, one can expect the limits to be lower than $10,000. That said, this is just an estimate and not an official figure.

Feel free to read more about the Amazon Business Gift Card policy.

Other Amazon Gift Card Restrictions

Other than the maximum amount that can be added to your gift card on a single transaction, there are several other restrictions that are applicable to your Amazon Gift Card. Some of the key restrictions that you should be aware of are mentioned below –

  • You should not sell or exchange your Amazon gift card for cash
  • You cannot purchase a gift card from unauthorized third party
  • You should not use gift card to purchase other gift cards or collectable coins
  • You cannot transfer a gift card to another Amazon account once the card is redeemed
  • You should not redeem a gift card to an account that is not the intended recipient
  • You should not use a gift card for any illegal or unauthorized purpose

These are not an exhaustive list of restrictions. For a full list of restrictions, check out the official documentation by Amazon.

Consequences of Exceeding the Limit or Restrictions

Generally speaking, your account will be suspended if you break the restrictions or exceed the limits set by Amazon. The gift card balance will not be refunded and you will not be able to make any purchases for any balance present on your gift card at the time of suspending your account.

While there is no official limit mentioned by Amazon on the gift card balance that you can maintain on your account, however, Amazon can flag your account to check for any fraudulent activities if your gift card balance is too high.

Furthermore, if you have purchased a gift card from any unofficial sources or third-party websites that are not part of the Amazon ecosystem, your account will be suspended. To remove the suspension on your account, you will need to provide the proof of purchase of the gift card to the Amazon customer support team failing which your account will be closed permanently.

To avoid the suspension on your account, ALWAYS purchase your gift cards from Amazon. Furthermore, don’t maintain a high gift card balance. If you have a high value gift card, I’d recommend redeeming it only at the time of purchase of a product as this will reduce the chances of your account getting flagged for a check.

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