Can You Buy Visa Gift Card With Amazon Gift Card?

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You might want to convert your Amazon gift card to a Visa gift card. A Visa gift card allows you more purchasing freedom and might be better depending on what you want to buy. One way to make the conversion might be to use the Amazon gift card to buy a Visa gift card on Amazon. 

You can’t buy a Visa gift card with an Amazon gift card. Amazon explicitly prohibits using Amazon gift cards to purchase other gift cards. Accordingly, on their seller page on Amazon, Visa states that you can’t use your balance to buy a Visa gift card. 

In this article, I’ll explain Amazon’s limitations on their gift cards. I’ll also show how to buy a Visa gift card on Amazon and explore possible methods of converting an Amazon gift card to other forms of value. 

Why You Can’t Buy a Visa Gift Card With an Amazon Gift Card?

With a Visa gift card, you can make a purchase anywhere that a Visa debit card is accepted. 

And since it’s Visa, a giant in the payments space, there are so many sellers you may choose. You can pay for a range of goods and services, from products in online stores like Amazon to a stay at a hotel that accepts Visa. 

This relative purchasing power is the main reason a person would want to buy a Visa gift card with their Amazon gift card. As convenient as this would be, it’s not possible, as Visa says on its seller pages on Amazon. 

Visa Regulations Regarding Using Your Amazon Balance 

On a Visa gift card seller page on Amazon, Visa states, “Your Balance cannot be used to purchase Visa gift cards.” 

Your balance is the amount of money in your Amazon account that accrues from redeeming Amazon gift cards. Every time you use a gift card, Amazon adds its value to your balance. 

There is no other source of money for your balance. So, when Visa says that you can’t use your balance to buy the Visa gift card, they say you can’t use an Amazon gift card. 

This regulation is in line with Amazon’s restrictions, which aim to reinforce their general policy on their gift cards. 

Amazon Is Strictly Against the Use of Its Gift Cards for External Purchases

Amazon’s gift cards are a strategy to get people to spend more on their platform. When someone buys you an Amazon gift card, they’re forcing you to spend on products in the Amazon marketplace. 

In the terms and regulations governing the use of gift cards, Amazon says that you may only use its gift cards to purchase eligible goods and services on and its affiliates. 

Ineligible goods include those that attempt to direct money outside Amazon, like a Visa gift card. 

Indeed, Amazon explicitly prohibits using its gift cards to buy other gift cards, saying, “Your balance cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.” 

Buying a Visa Card on Amazon

While you can’t use your balance to buy a Visa gift card, you can buy the Visa gift card on the Amazon marketplace. After all, like most giant retailers, Amazon aspires to be the one place where you can buy everything. 

You’ll have to use other payment methods like conventional debit cards to complete the transaction. 

You’ll pay as if you don’t have a gift card, and they will ignore any balance you may have on

Ways To Use Your Amazon Gift Card Outside Amazon

You can’t buy a Visa gift card with an Amazon gift card. Assuming that the problem is you don’t want to spend the gift card balance on Amazon, there are multiple solutions you could try. 

These solutions fall into the following categories, which I’ll explore below. 

Please note – I’ve written a detailed guide on places where Amazon Gift Card can be used (including stores outside of Amazon). Make sure to check out that article as well!

Selling Your Amazon Gift Card

The most direct way to get cash in exchange for your Amazon gift card is to sell it. You can sell to friends and family or strangers on the internet. 

Selling Your Amazon Gift Card to Friends and Family

The best way is selling to people you know and trust, like friends or workmates. To do this, find out whether they plan to purchase on Amazon. You can buy on their behalf. In turn, they’ll give you the cash they would have paid to Amazon. 

Since they are helping you out, you can give a small discount. For example, your friend can give you 90% of the money they would have spent on Amazon. 

You can find a buyer online if your friends or relatives are not interested or don’t want to involve someone you know. 

Selling Your Gift Card Online

Selling your Amazon gift card online can be as simple as finding a random group on any social media platform and advertising it there. It can also be as structured as using one out of several websites made for that task. 

Some of the online platforms you can use to advertise your gift card include: 

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Reddit
  • Craigslist
  • eBay

On Reddit, there are spaces dedicated to buying and selling gift cards. The Facebook Marketplace allows you to access multiple groups where you can advertise anything, including your gift card. 

Craigslist and eBay are massive marketplaces. Their inherent advantage is that they attract many people, and you will likely find someone who wants to buy your Amazon gift card. 

The downside of using the platforms above is that you’ll deal with strangers. And the platform doesn’t assume any responsibility for the transaction’s success. 

This issue is where specialized websites come in, including: 

  • Gameflip
  • Gift Card Granny
  • Raise

The websites in the list above come with one primary advantage. The users on the sites are verified. The site operators go through the trouble of ascertaining each user’s identity to improve the security of their websites. 

Exchanging Your Amazon Gift Card for Bitcoin

While this method doesn’t give you cash, it does enable you to spend your gift card balance outside the Amazon ecosystem. 

Most crypto exchanges that allow you to exchange your gift card for bitcoin don’t charge transaction fees. All you have to do is agree on an exchange rate with the seller. If there are any fees, the seller will incur the costs. 

Crypto exchanges that allow you to exchange your Amazon gift card for bitcoin include: 

  • Purse 
  • Local Bitcoins 
  • Paxful 

Using Your Amazon Gift Card on Digital Products

You can use your Amazon gift card to buy digital products like videos on Amazon Prime Video and books on Kindle

However, you can go further, outside the Amazon universe. 

You can use an Amazon gift card to buy a gift card for the following media streaming services: 

  • Hulu 
  • Spotify 
  • Netflix
  • Disney+ 

You can then use the gift card to pay for the subscription fees of your streaming service of choice. 

Likewise, you can buy a Google Play gift card and use it to buy a range of digital products on the Google Play Store, from games to movies. 

While you can’t use your Amazon gift card to pay for audiobooks on Audible, you can use it to buy an Audible gift card.

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