Can You Use Amazon Gift Card at Walmart? [Full Guide!]

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Gift cards make showing your loved ones how much you love them easy and have even become a popular payment alternative. Most big companies sell and accept gift cards as a payment method. However, this depends on the company’s gift card policies. 

Amazon gift cards are not accepted at Walmart. Walmart is not affiliated in any way with Amazon, since they’re actually in competition. Amazon gift cards are only redeemable on the Amazon store. Even Whole Foods, an Amazon-owned company, doesn’t accept Amazon gift cards as a payment method.

We will discuss how you can make the most of your Amazon gift cards and where to find alternatives for other stores. We’ll also discuss Amazon affiliate gift cards that can be accepted at multiple different stores. 

What Is an Amazon Gift Card?

An Amazon gift card is a cash equivalent that is an accepted form of payment in Amazon. You can use it to pay for almost anything on Amazon, can easily be redeemed and reloaded via the app, and you can give it as a gift to friends and family for an unlimited amount.

One could say Whole Foods and Walmart are the capulets or Montagues of the retail world, so naturally, Amazon gift cards are not accepted at Walmart. However, you’ll be glad to know there are other ways to get gift cards for other stores. 

Gift Cards for Amazon Affiliates

While Amazon gift cards can only be redeemed at the store, Amazon offers specialty gift cards that can be bought on the Amazon store and are accepted by different stores affiliated with the company. Different shopping needs can be met with specialty gift cards up for grabs.

When Amazon took over Whole Foods, most people were surprised, if not disappointed, to find out that Amazon gift cards are not accepted even in a major affiliate of the company. While consumers can avail of discounts and other benefits through Amazon co-partnered Visa credit cards and Amazon store cards at Whole Foods, Amazon gift cards are not redeemable there.

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However, gift cards redeemable in other stores, including Whole Foods, are for sale on Amazon. While the Amazon gift card is exclusive to the Amazon store, Amazon isn’t as restrictive as you’d think, considering they enable their consumers to choose from a long roster of popular brands.

Specialty cards can be availed for the following consumer needs:

  • Restaurants, coffee, and grocery
  • Movies, music, and games
  • Travel and rideshare
  • Style & Beauty

Restaurants, Coffee, and Grocery

A perusal of the Gift Card page on the Amazon Store will convince anyone that Amazon isn’t uptight about gift cards. Perhaps the company wants to keep Amazon gift cards exclusive to the Amazon store, but this is remedied by the fact that they sell gift cards from affiliated brands and companies. 

Here are some gift cards for popular restaurants, coffee shops, and groceries found on Amazon:

Company/BrandCard Value (Range)Delivery Method
Whole Foods Market Gift Cards$25 -$500Email Delivery
DoorDash Gift Cards$25 -$200Email Delivery
Chipotle Gift Cards$25 -$200Email Delivery
Grubhub Gift Cards$25 -$200Email Delivery
Instacart Gift Cards$25 -$200Email Delivery
Texas Roadhouse Gift Cards$25 -$100Email Delivery
Darden Gift Cards$25 -$200Email Delivery
Dominos Pizza Gift Cards$25 -$100Email Delivery
Safeway Gift Card$25 -$200Must print e-gift card to redeem
Subway Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
Outback Steakhouse Restaurant Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
Red Lobster Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Applebee’s Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
Panera Bread Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
Panda Express Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
The Cheesecake Factory Gift Card$25 -$100Shipping
Papa John’s Pizza Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery

Movies, Music, and Games

Movie and music lovers and gamers will love Amazon’s wide range of gift cards that lets them gift their friends–or themselves with their favorite products and services. Both Android and Apple users will be glad to know that Amazon gift cards are available for both on the Amazon store. 

Here are some gift cards for popular movies, music, and games found on Amazon:

Company/BrandCard Value (Range)Delivery Method
Apple Gift Card$25 -$500Email Delivery
Google Play Gift Code$25 -$100Email Delivery
Razer Gold Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
Netflix Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Gamestop Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Twitch Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Spotify Premium Subscription$30 -$99Email Delivery
Hulu Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
AMC Theaters Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
Fandango Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery

Unlike Amazon gift cards, the gift cards of certain brands such as Netflix and Hulu accept gift cards as payment for subscriptions. Amazon does not allow gift cards as payment for subscription products such as Kindle Unlimited.

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Spotify and Hulu subscription gift cards vary in value, depending on the subscription duration you are paying for. For example, a three-month Spotify Premium subscription gift card would cost you $30. 

The Google Playstore uses a variation of gift cards they call “gift codes”. This is essentially the same as a gift card as gift cards come with a claim code that you need to redeem the card fund. Gift codes also have a preloaded cash equivalent. 

Travel and Rideshare

Popular travel and rideshare services affiliated with Amazon also offer gift cards on their store. From Uber to airlines, Amazon gives you your pick of gift cards that can be used to avail these services. Here are some gift cards for big names in travel and rideshare found on Amazon:

Company/BrandCard Value (Range)Delivery Method
Uber Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Airbnb Gift Cards$25 -$500Email Delivery
Southwest Airlines Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Delta Gift Card$25 -$500Email Delivery
Amtrak Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Camping World Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery

Style & Beauty

Beauty lovers will be happy to know that they have not been overlooked by the gift card gods. Amazon offers an impressive variety of gift cards for big brands in the style and beauty industries for your self-care needs. 

Here are some gift cards for style and beauty found on Amazon:

Company/BrandCard Value (Range)Delivery Method
Sephora Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Bath & Body Works Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Ulta Beauty Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Old Navy Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Nordstrom Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Victoria’s Secret Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Gap Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
H & M Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery
Columbia Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
Adidas Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
Under Armour Gift Card$25 -$100Email Delivery
American Eagle Outfitters Gift Card$25 -$200Email Delivery

Amazon gift cards may not be acceptable in Walmart, but countless other gift cards are redeemable at a wide range of other stores. So the next time you find yourself bending your brain to come up with a gift idea for friends or family, head over to Amazon’s gift card page and begin your search for the perfect gift.

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